The FreeTime Overview
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1. Introduction

2. Purpose of FreeTime and its place in the market

3. Who benefits from FreeTime

4. FreeTime strengths

5. Main FreeTime definitions and functionalities

6. Using FreeTime within the Evaluation Program

7. Technical requirements

8. Invitation to joint development

9. A detailed sample scenario

10. The product architecture

11. Algorithms in the FreeTime core

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current release

LEDAS announces release of the version 1.0 of new scheduling solution FreeTime.

FreeTime is an end-user software developed by LEDAS in collaboration with Sib3 for computer-aided optimal scheduling of meetings. It is based on the client-server architecture that includes platform-independent web-based applications as well as native applications for mobile devices - cellular phones and personal digital assistants.

The main target group of FreeTime is small and medium sized companies or groups of the independent users with common interests. It has three main components distinguished for FreeTime. They are:

  • scheduling core technology LEDAS Scheduling Engine (LSE),
  • diversity of the supported platforms (including mobile devices),
  • the client-server protocol which provides both online and offline work of all participants involved to the scheduling of the meetings.

LEDAS invites the interested in FreeTime companies to evaluate FreeTime features by usage of demo version of the product. During evaluation everyone can test one or several client applications (web-based application, Palm OS application for PDA, application for cellular phones compatible with MIDP 2.0 specification). The test process consists in using a dedicated FreeTime server installed at the LEDAS premises through the web-based administration application to define pool of participants and resources, and to schedule using client applications any amount of meetings with these participants and these resources.

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23 Sep 2005

LEDAS presents first commercial version 1.0 of the FreeTime, a client-server system for automated meeting scheduling on conventional and mobile platforms. Demo version of this software is free for evaluation on FreeTime LEDAS site.

Both versions contain two user client applications: for PDA (PalmOne platform) and for mobile phones. Unlike full release version, demo version does not provide some parts of the system outside LEDAS: server itself, web user interface and simple web administration tool are hosted on FreeTime LEDAS site and can be accessed through Internet.

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Evaluation version

You can either individually try one of the FreeTime clients or test how FreeTime works for a group. All clients can be downloaded on the terms and conditions of the License Agreement.

To set up FreeTime for use within a group, please Register.

FreeTime administrator will proceed your data and send you notification about successful initialization of the group.

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web application

You can work with FreeTime via web client.

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You can submit all your questions, comments or FreeTime bugs in our Incident Management System on project FreeTime.

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